Alberta Answering Service Offers Emergency Assistance

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Are you an oil patch employer with workers who frequently work alone or in hazardous locations? Let Alberta Answering Service be your partner in safety. With 24-hour, 365-day assistance, we are here for you at all times.

Your Source for Remote Worker Check-ins

Let us be your source for remote worker check-ins. We can customize your plan to exact requirements and set up a work-alone program that makes sure your employees are always safe. If your employee fails to check in at the pre-determined times, we will take the emergency steps to ensure his safety.

Alarm Monitoring & Emergency Lines

Alberta Answering Service offers safety-enhancing options like alarm monitoring, radio monitoring and emergency lines. For high call volumes, you may be interested in setting up multiple lines.

Our emergency services include:

•  Alarm Monitoring

•  Radio Monitoring

•  Remote Work Alone Check-ins

•  Spot Monitoring Check-ins

•  Answer for Emergency Lines (Multiple Lines for High Call Volume)

Work Alone Call-Out Procedures

According to GSR (AR 448/83 Section 14) working alone is defined as: To work alone at a work site in circumstances where assistance is not readily available in the event of an injury, illness or emergency.

All of your personnel shall follow the following procedures. An up-to-date emergency call-down list shall be provided to Alberta Answering Service Inc. This list must contain phone numbers of foremen, superintendent, safety advisor, etc. It will be your responsibility to provide Alberta Answering Service with an updated emergency call-down list as applicable.

  1. After receiving a call-out, the operator must contact Alberta Answering Service Inc. at 780-778-7777, giving their full name and company, area of call-out, routine job and the phone number he can be reached at. Also, please provide the name of the immediate foreman.
  2. The operator shall report to Alberta Answering Service at intervals of time appropriate to the nature of the hazards associated with the job. The intervals of time will be determined by the company. The operator shall report while on call-out and also upon their safe return to their home or shop/office.
  3. If Alberta Answering Service does not hear from the operator within the agreed upon time frame, we will attempt to contact the individual. If contact cannot be established, Alberta Answering Service shall immediately notify the foreman. If the foreman cannot be reached, Alberta Answering Service will follow instructions on the call-down list until someone has been notified. Once the emergency contact person has been notified of the missing individual, Alberta Answering Service is no longer responsible for that missing individual.

Note: Please forward on-call lists by the first of every month. If any changes have occurred during the month, please forward a new list via fax to 780-778-6775 as soon as changes have occurred.

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